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SP Groups is an engineering consulting firm at the cutting edge of technology. Our engineers will work with you to transform your needs into a global solution. Our strength: a spirit of mutual cooperation and listening, multidisciplinary experts, innovations serving quality and efficiency. Specialising in the fine chemicals, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, our teams are dedicated to delivering the best solution to your challenges.

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Experts with a passion

At SP Groups, we are all driven by the desire to do well and rise above all expectations. We have built up a team of thinkers and researchers from a variety of backgrounds over the years. We now possess a unique blend of skilled engineers in fields where excellence is the rule.

We are all aware of the important issues surrounding your sectors of activity and are 200% involved in your projects, striving to find the solution to your problems: one that will be the simplest, most pragmatic and most suitable.

How? By combining perseverance, mastery and entrepreneurial spirit, our know-how will serve your satisfaction. Because passion drives us, each project is a new challenge to take up, a new opportunity to raise the bar.

Specialisation in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, biotech, etc.

Specialising in the fine chemicals, biotech and pharmaceutical industries, you can rely on us to deliver a global service that meets the complexity of your projects. Having teams of experts, a network of specialists and suppliers mean that there are no surprises for us in these demanding sectors. Clean room layout, laboratories, ATEX zoning, ergonomics, structure, H-VAC and biotech ventilation, IT processes and automation…

We can meet all your requirements for state-of-the-art infrastructure. We also offer detailed studies, piping designs and 2D/3D modelling. We are therefore committed and ready to help you, ranging from facility design and management to building modelling (clean room, laboratory, production site, etc.).

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People are at the very core of our support

Collaboration is central to our approach. It’s collaboration that guides and enables us to find the solutions to meet your needs. We instil a spirit of closeness between our teams and with every one of our customers. Open to dialogue and exchange, we firmly believe that communication is the key to designing tailor-made solutions. We structure interactions around a co-construction process so we can work alongside each other to ensure that your project succeeds.

By entrusting us to manage your project, our engineers are on hand to address your questions and requests. We believe that it is essential for you to be able to understand our approach to design, so we regularly exchange information to be as relevant as possible to your needs. Every step corresponds to a validation and we progress together to reach optimal execution.

Choice of materials, material routing follow-up, adherence to the schedule, verification of the installation of components and maintenance… Whether drafting specifications, monitoring the worksite or even delivery and maintenance, we are highly responsive and can thus provide you with the right turnkey solution.

Aware of the dangers inherent in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, but also of the safety issues in the airport or data centre sectors, we pay the utmost attention to managing your facilities and staff. Each element is analysed with a view to limiting the risk of contamination.

Aeration systems, ventilation, materials, partitions, electricity… Nothing is left to chance so that you are guaranteed a neat, easy-to-clean and sterile environment. Armed with the strength of our expertise, we can recommend protocols to ensure greater security.

We have developed a co-construction approach to meet your needs as effectively as possible. Doing so gives us a better understanding of your processes, your methodology, your organisation and your uses through exchanges, workshops or consultation seminars. We can therefore pull together as many elements as possible to design a solution that ensures the performance and well-being of all your employees.

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Innovation serving performance

We have a motto at SP Groups: technique should never stand in our way. Better still, it is a challenge to be taken up every day. Innovation has been with us since our origins, helping us to design high-performance solutions. Are you looking to build a high-security laboratory, are your facilities faulty or are you planning to build a new site?

We don't shy away from reinventing our processes, but make the most of the capabilities of our software and train our experts in emerging fields. As visionaries working at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, our role consists of finding global engineering solutions with high added value. Our method: stimulate insight, identify opportunities, operate from the inside and design reliable facilities so you can focus on your core business.

Are you looking to entrust us with a project in fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotech, airports or data centers?

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