The know-how and methodology at SP Groups are our guarantee that we will find a solution that meets your expectations. We work hand in hand with you at every stage of the project, from the audit phase to commissioning.

Our expertise also serves to coordinate and guide stakeholders throughout the entire duration of the project.

Integration of all stakeholders

Every one of our projects follows the same guideline: proceed from the general to the specific, i.e. detailing the solution chosen in greater detail at each new phase. This methodology is an assurance that we’re heading in the right direction and making the right decisions. It also aims to identify and anticipate the various constraints and risks that may have an impact on the progress of the project.

We are also committed to integrating all stakeholders throughout the various stages, whether directly or indirectly affected by the progress of the project. As our privileged intermediary, you will be asked to validate each step to ensure that we meet your requirements.

User integration from the BPD stage

We integrate end users as early as the Basic Design or BPD (Basic Preliminary Design) phases, since they will ultimately be operating the facilities. Whether it is a delegation or all the users, this integration approach guarantees us greater relevance on certain points of detail. It is also a way of being as close as possible to the needs and expectations of users.

Workshop organisation

Throughout the various stages of study, particularly during the Concept Design and Basic Design stages, we conduct workshops or joint work sessions. These meetings seek to bring together a variety of skills, originating from your side or from SP Groups, to address a matter.

The aim of these workshops? To deal with a maximum number of matters in a minimum amount of time, and to be able to make progress on the project quickly and efficiently. Depending on the number of issues to be dealt with, we can hold several joint work sessions. A further advantage for these sessions? Gleaning all project-related information to help you better plan your project.

Industry-specific coordination

At SP Groups, our greatest strength is our ability to form high-performance multidisciplinary teams. When we design solutions for demanding business sectors such as pharmaceuticals or biotech, we bring together all the skills needed to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Any change could potentially affect all stakeholders: the relocation of a partition or a ventilation system has, for example, consequences on the electrical system, automation and even the final qualification. For this reason, we are organised extremely rigorously within our team of experts and our service providers.

Integration of indirect stakeholders

We draw up progress reports for the more distant project stakeholders (financial actors, site management, technical management, etc.). Usually monthly, these reports convey an extensive amount of information for tracking the project remotely.

Coordination during execution and ACA stage

Coordination means defining the timeframe for execution. This upstream step is essential for estimating the time and planning the intervention of the providers. During the execution phase, the site manager relies on this timeframe to coordinate the selected companies and carry out the planned operations.

The site manager also has the onerous task of enforcing safety on the construction site, whether these are safety rules applied to the sector of activity or defined by you.

The project's progress is monitored throughout its execution. In concrete terms, regular meetings are organised to address the work balance, pending tasks and also potential bottlenecks.

It also ensures adherence to the schedule, preventing delays and responding to any last-minute changes to the facilities. Within the framework of assistance to the contracting authority, our role is to steer the project during its development in:

  • Selecting service providers in advance
  • Managing all stakeholders
  • Reporting on progress
  • Fulfilling commitments in terms of quality, performance and safety
  • On time and on budget
  • Running steering committees

Turnkey or ACA solution, we always strive to provide you with a quality service. This is why we are particularly attentive to your feedback and take your impressions into account in order to constantly improve our services.

Are you looking to entrust us with a project in fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotech, airports or data centres?

Let's talk about it!

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