Joining SP Groups means daring to challenge yourself to excel. It means tapping into a spirit of sharing to serve the community. It means joining a team where each member does his/her job to set the path for the others to move ahead, all to achieve the final goal. By working together, we are capable of moving mountains and climbing peaks previously unattainable.

Management that cares

People are at the heart of our company. We believe that care management can improve company performance. Benevolence and understanding are the path to further success. It is also a means of encouraging risk-taking and daring, stimulating creativity and ambition. We are open to all kinds of profiles, not only for professionals who are familiar with our business areas. Complementarity is a strength, and we strive to form teams of experts coming from a wide array of backgrounds. We aim to create symbiosis and a healthy spirit of competition to find ever more relevant, coherent and pragmatic solutions.

At SP Groups, we value productive interaction, effective communication and group identity. Much more than a concept, team unity is intrinsically linked to our working methods. We know that good relationships are essential for personal development, and our team spirit fosters self-confidence and well-being. To reinforce this cohesiveness, we organise regular in-house activities: end-of-year excursions, gourmet events, sports outings, mid-year retrospective…

We both literally and figuratively reach for the skies and take full advantage of nature to organise team building in the countryside. We also cultivate social moments at SP Groups such as our famous mid-July raclette in the Alpine pastures! These special moments create bonds and strengthen our collective spirit. The exchanges and discussions even last beyond working hours, where shared interests and aspirations are born.

When you join our teams, you benefit from a dynamic atmosphere where familiarisation is the rule. Though the subjects we deal with on a daily basis are very serious, we maintain our good humour and friendly spirit. A morning break over coffee, a shared lunch to get the afternoon off to a better start… Our offices are also a reflection of who we are: no hierarchy in the assigned jobs, everyone benefits equally from an open and ergonomic workspace. 


We are aware that our sectors of activity require a great deal of demand and precision. We therefore make sure that you hold all the cards to continue learning and growing, particularly through training courses. We also support you in our project management methods so that you can get on board quickly and assume more and more responsibilities.

Chantier - Equipe projet

Entrepreneurial spirit

We do not aim to merely find a solution, but to find the best solution. We can only climb the highest summit with a close-knit team of curious and proactive experts: thinking outside the box, being a source of ideas, getting involved, anticipating and reacting in all circumstances. We expect curiosity and a willingness to seek out information from everyone. In short, one should not remain confined to the assigned tasks.

Scale up your skills

Our work is very rewarding. We work across a broad spectrum of fields and form multidisciplinary teams to meet the needs of our clients. Our strategy is to capitalise on and strengthen individual talents and skills. Everyone learns and enriches each other with the experience and knowledge of others.

Our care management team will help boost your upward climb in skills so you can take up new challenges also bolstered by the strength of your team. You will be taking part in a human adventure and developing your expertise with us.

Step out of your comfort zone

There is no routine at SP Groups. The different subjects we work on push us to our limits. Results: the abilities to be independent and creative are essential in solving our clients’ problems.

We should not be afraid of taking initiatives and daring to innovate. We also encourage our employees to cultivate their personal projects because doing so allows them to nourish their work. For example, one of our experts, a video game aficionado, successfully integrated 3D into SCADA.

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