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Engineering in automation, IT, process, detail studies, 2D/3D modelling… Regardless of your challenges and issues, we can cater to them on a global level. Our passion is in providing the best solutions for your requirements.

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Our business cases

Cas client - Revamping de cuveFine Chemicals-sector
26 March 2021

Tank Revamping

Bachem is a Swiss-based biochemical company that serves the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It develops processes and manufactures peptides and organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients. SP Groups accompanied the…
Métier - Management de projet - équipePharma-sector
26 March 2021

LoRaWAN IoT platform

UCB Pharma specialises in the research, development and marketing of new medicines and innovative solutions for people with immune or nervous system disorders. The company needs a perfectly sterile, stable…
Expertise - Salle blanche - LaboratoirePharma-sector
26 March 2021

Clean Room

OM Pharma is an international pharmaceutical group specialising in innovative patient-focused pharmaceuticals and solutions. The group is notably responsible for developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products offering targeted care.
Cas client - Aéroport de Genève - DépartAirport-sector
26 March 2021

Geneva airport

Discover our SCADA business case for the Geneva airport: a new baggage sorting system with alarm management.

Our values


Our collaborators will always bring more to the project (time, skills and customer satisfaction), aiming for: results and quality.


Our customers count on our constant approachability and proximity, guidance and availability (offices set up centrally in the area).


Consistently transparent, absolutely no dark areas. Striving to do well in terms of the quality and ethics of our profession.


Pursuing improvement and an understanding of weaknesses.

Our passion

Delivering the best solutions to your challenges

Together, we can transform your needs into a global solution.

SP GROUPS develops know-how as a team for state-of-the-art engineering tailored to your needs and working closely with you, in Switzerland. We combine the rare skills of expert engineers who will assist you in finding a simple, pragmatic solution adapted to your specific issues. For the fine chemicals, biotech and pharma sectors, our teams can render a fully comprehensive service, ranging from facility design to management, even including modelling for your buildings.

experts at your service
dedicated Swiss-based facilities to respond to all your needs
achievements (projects) in the year

Joining SP GROUPS, is akin to joining a rope team

In mountaineering, each rope team member sets the path for the others to move ahead to reach the team’s goal. With an approachable, humane and caring management team supporting an upward climb to acquire and hone skills, and bolstered by the strength of our team, we can reach even the highest peaks.
Much like in the mountains, risk is everywhere when we accompany our clients.
Our jobs, similar to mountaineering, call for high standards, precision and a great deal of passion.
Join our base camps in Martigny or Geneva.

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