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As the Internet booms and the demand for storage grows, data centers continue to spring up all around the world. These infrastructures are used to process, hold and store large amounts of data. They include servers, storage systems, routers or firewalls, and guarantee that the entire web ecosystem functions properly. That’s why data centers need to be secure in terms of networks and the environment. Thanks to our expertise in SCADA solutions and monitoring, we can assist your infrastructures to improve performance and help your teams gain a better grasp of the tools.

The stakes of a data center

A data center should deal with a number of issues in terms of security, power supply and room cooling. We design monitoring systems to analyse these issues, while guaranteeing ergonomics adapted to the needs of your teams.

Managing data center temperatures

Your local servers need a stable environment, neither too hot nor too cold. This is why it is essential to analyse the temperature of the data centers and ensure that the cooling system works properly. Our tailor-made monitoring solutions provide real-time alerts in case of sudden or unsuitable temperature variations.

Ensuring the continuity of the power supply

A power outage or voltage drop in your data center is out of the question. This could have serious consequences for your customers. To keep your infrastructure running 24/7 and minimise the risk of failure, electrical systems should have a certain level of redundancy: generators, energy reserves, inverters, and static power supplies are among the many elements that we control via our monitoring solutions, so you can react quickly in the event of an incident!

Monitoring customer and data center consumption values

We design monitoring solutions for electrical infrastructures that monitor the consumption of your equipment. This helps you optimise costs, assess your customers’ needs and achieve greater energy efficiency.

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Our monitoring solutions adapted to data centers

Our customised monitoring systems afford a full vantage point over all your equipment and alert you in the event of any deviation or malfunction. Our solutions communicate with your installation, analyse your data center activity in real time and centralise all the information on a monitoring platform. A solution that makes it easier to manage your data center on a daily basis.

A unique monitoring system

Via our monitoring solutions, you can easily visualise the environment of each of your customers and analyse the corresponding temperature and humidity. An alert appears on the monitoring interface as soon as a piece of equipment is faulty. Regardless of the diversity of equipment (water leak detector, cables under false floors, cold units, UPS, gas detector, etc.) and disparate communications, we design monitoring systems that process all the information using proven technologies. Our software installation is also redundant to ensure that the availability level is never compromised.

An ergonomic interface

We implement HMI/SCADA solutions with ergonomic and usage-oriented interfaces to enable rapid data display and analysis. You are thus only a few clicks away from checking equipment faults and directly running processes. We develop design interfaces that clearly and accurately represent all the equipment so that you can save a considerable amount of time and concentrate on your core business!

Detailed reports

Our solutions automatically generate detailed reports, making it easy to monitor the environmental conditions of different zones. Our monitoring platform can also be used to carry out certain statistical functions according to your needs: identification of the minimum and maximum value in a room with several customers, average energy expenditure in a month… All these views are useful for analysing your activity and identifying failures or critical points.

An energy analysis

Our interfaces let you analyse your consumption with the greatest precision. Current, voltage, phase... We go into detail so that we can deliver real energy expertise and help you meet your environmental commitments.

Guidance from A to Z

At SP Groups, we start each project by understanding your needs. We share information with upstream users beforehand to ascertain the characteristics, specificities and performance of the expected system. We then carry out the various phases, from the detailed study to the commissioning of the monitoring system. We are also responsible for liaising with all equipment suppliers to validate all the data to be exchanged and their meaning.

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