C-CUBE Modules

You need a quality turnkey modular laboratory which is quick to set up, reliable and comfortable. C-CUBE in collaboration with SP Groups have designed a unique solution for the health and biotech sector: the C-CUBE modules are quick to assemble, easy to transport, stylish and perfectly compliant with regulations.


The C-CUBE or Clean Cube Concept modules deliver a comprehensive solution integrating the cleanroom, exterior cladding, HVAC, utilities, electricity, automation, IOT and fire safety system. And most of all, new dimensions are now available to meet your requirements.

C-CUBE, an innovation involving SP Groups

The fine chemicals, biotech and health sectors face stringent technical constraints in terms of ensuring everyone’s health and safety. When it comes to your construction or renovation projects, we realised that the standard modular constructions presently on the market failed to meet your needs. We thus came up with modules with real added value!

A fully framed solution from A to Z

We have gained solid experience in cutting-edge sectors over the years. This unique expertise, coupled with our relentless search for more innovative solutions, has enabled us to develop for C-CUBE modules offering all the comfort of a laboratory and the quality of a cleanroom.

We started with your needs in mind: quicker, more efficient, more modular and safer. After careful consideration, we came up with intelligent and connected spaces.

Our only constraint? The dimensions of the bridges and roads we'll cross to deliver them to you.

Our ingenuity at your service

Off-site module design in a controlled environment reduces energy use, waste, nuisance and safety risks. These versatile C-CUBE modules are by conceived for decades of use in a nearly endless variety of applications. Their environmental impact is therefore limited by their design and long-life span.

A durable solution for your project

Both functional and ergonomic, our C-CUBE modules are designed specifically for your business sectors. Genuine gems of innovation and design performance, these modular constructions embody ingenuity, swift installation and functionality.

They shorten the design phase with an emphasis on compliance and scalability. The engineering team also utilises BIM to fast-track your project.

Intelligent modules for customised installations

These new generation modules boast truly unique features. They now exist in sizes that were previously unavailable. Designed on the LEGO® principle, our concept is based on three intelligent prefabricated modules of 12, 24 and 36 m2. They can be assembled into tailor-made sizes.

Secure and qualified areas

These perfectly insulated C-CUBE modules contain all our expertise and know-how, and much more! They blend technical prowess, architectural innovations and comfort.

We have taken great pride in choosing only the best materials to prevent any risk of contamination. Walls and openings are perfectly smooth for easy cleaning.


Modular premium range

Fully insulated, our modules open up a whole range of possibilities:

  • Complete opening on any side without the need for metal reinforcements for large cleanroom construction.
  • Stacking of up to 3 modules for multi-level facilities or to house large equipment.
  • One range of modules is fully waterproof and airtight for outdoor use, and a second is simplified range for use inside existing buildings.

C-CUBE, modules for cutting-edge sectors

Are you in need of a highly secure and/or classified prefabricated space to optimise your production? You can rely on our C-CUBE modules, an innovation for the pharmaceutical, biotech, MedTech and health sectors.

C-CUBE, a unique cleanroom

The intelligent modules are capable of limiting contamination. The air treatment unit, electrical elements and generator are completely isolated from the cleanroom. You can therefore keep an eye on maintenance without interrupting the work of your teams.

Rest assured that your C-CUBE installation is also easily expandable, modifiable, transportable and reconfigurable. The double skin technology lets you remove the outer wall without compromising the safety and integrity of your cleanroom.

  • Grade C ISO 7 in initial design for classified areas
  • ISO 8 and Grade D, or BSL 1, 2 or 3 laboratories
  • Minimum load 500 kg per m2, to 1t per m2
  • No columns in the production area
  • Adapted personnel airlock and equipment
  • Airflow adapted to the project and the operating constraints of the premises

An optimal standardised installation

This speeds up the design, construction and validation phases, reducing your product’s time to market. But beware, standardisation does not exclude customisation!

Intelligent C-CUBE modules can save you a considerable amount of time in the construction phase compared to traditional modules. These pre-designed modular spaces comply with the corresponding standards and regulatory specifications.

You can choose the elements that make up your laboratory: windows, doors, lighting, filters, electrical appliances…

A dressing procedure

We can integrate air showers, trolley, hatch and window passages, specific furniture and even entry airlocks, pass box or utility panels. This limits the risk of contamination and simplifies putting on protective clothing quickly and easily.

Integrated technologies

What makes the C-CUBE systems exceptionally intelligent? We have integrated IoT and HMI into our modules to provide you with real-time reporting. You can thus access your data remotely, monitor your laboratory’s operation and make adjustments accordingly. All the conditions are in place to offer you peace of mind!

Do you need a modular space to furnish your cleanrooms or laboratories? Let's talk about it!

Let's talk about it!

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